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“Plus One”

Plus One reception place cards
Are you including a ‘plus one’ option on the R.S.V.P.?

One of the most stressful tasks facing couples as they plan for their Wedding day is the guest list; who to invite, how many guests can they afford, is there a minimum or maximum allowed at the venue of choice, and so on.

Our top ten tips to create a guest list that is affordable, reduce stress and will add joy to the Wedding day.

  1. Start with your dream Wedding in mind – do you want an intimate wedding with only a select few of your closest family and friends, a no expense spared gala or something in-between?
  2. Allot a certain number to parents on both sides (if they are involved) – this helps with including your parents and the people they are closest to (even if you aren’t) to ensure they have a great time too
  3. Find out the per person dollar number for your venue – some venues have minimum guest count requirements, others do not.  One way to get around this if your venue is insisting on 100 guests for a particular room, and you only have 80 in mind, is to commit to the 100 guest minimum dollar wise (that’s what the venue is really concerned about) and invite your 80 guests.  Make sure the venue is on board and understands as they will need to adjust the floor layout accordingly.
  4. Talk honestly about budget – talk honestly about everything but particularly the budget.  Setting this early on and sticking to it will avoid a lot of heartache later on.
  5. Ask: Have you spoken or seen each other in past two years
  6. Ask: Will you speak with or see each other in the next two years
  7. Ask: Will the day be complete if this person isn’t included
  8. Ask: Will this person bring joy or drama to the day
  9. Create an A list and B list (especially if you have a minimum number you need to reach for the chosen venue).  Once A list R.S.V.P.’s are received, determine if B list invitations should go out.
  10. Determine if the ‘plus one’ option is viable. Is it affordable?  Will you have to cut the list of invited guests in order to accommodate? Do you know who the ‘plus one’ is?  Will your guest have a great time with or without a ‘plus one’?  Will including this option cause your invited guest stress?
Talk to your Wedding Planner if you need assistance or mediation when creating your guest list.  They are there to support and advise.

Happy planning!

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Suzanne Peat

Wedding & Event Planner

Wedding Producer and Event Designer at Kenneth Robert Entertainment and Gallery Events, is recognized as a Professional Wedding Planner with the Association of Bridal Consultants since 2008. Extensive experience includes garden nuptials, large gala weddings, corporate seminars and holiday parties. With her significant accomplishments in planning both corporate and social functions as well as her achievements in personal financial planning, she is a great benefit to couples planning a celebration with numerous decisions and details to figure out. With a certification in Training, Suzanne is mentoring new Wedding Planners as they begin their journey in the industry.

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